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On-Arrival Training, Kyiv

Daria Автор: Daria  
Теги: Без тегов 

As every new-coming EVS volunteer I had On-Arrival Training organized by SALTO in the beginning of my project, which is 16-22.02.14. The aim of the training was to prepare us as a group of volunteers working currently in Ukraine and Moldova for implementation of certain projects. We have learnt how to contribute as much as possible to our local communities. Moreover, I got some more knowledge about other European programs, EVS philosophy. I planned my learning process and started thinking about my future Youth Pass certificate. OAT was also a great opportunity for networking and making friends. We were enabled to exchange ideas, experiences, expectations with other volunteers and trainers. In the end, we exchanged contact info as well so that we could travel and visit each other during EVS or even start cooperation. As it proved after few months, it was crucial to have friends all over Ukraine and Moldova – and many placed to stay (if needed) and explore.

It is hard not to mention atmosphere during the training in Kiev. It was the hottest time of Maidan revolution so, although we stayed in a peaceful place, we felt the tension in the city and society. Everybody, including the trainers was concerned about the situation and latest news. For us, as foreigners, totally supporting democracy and protesters, it was not only an adventure or just an interesting experience but also a short lesson of history and a chance to witness the events, that later influenced the new foreign policy of most of the world’s countries. Presumably, it was a lesson that I will never forget.Last dinner at the On-Arrival TrainingWorkshop about our EVS tasks.Workshop about our EVS tasks.Last supper, watching the news about Maidan in Kyiv.Group photo of all the participants of OAT.

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