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EVS – a sandbox of real life

Paweł Автор: Paweł  
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In my opinion EVS has been all about the question if I want to do it consciously or I'm somehow still not sure but you eventually I go and punch it? I assume here that if you don't want to do it you don't take part in it. Yet, I met such people as well who participated in their projects because they didn't have better opportunities at that moment.

In my opinion the point of my EVS project lied in full motivation and devotion to the period of exactly one year which I've had. Since the very beginning I set up my own professional and personal aims and kept working on them. It has been a time which I'm evaluating on my own. I don't have to confess my mistakes and waste of time to anybody. In one word, it has taught me much more responsibility and respect to my own life.

EVS has been an amazing period when I've had limited funds, much time and head stuffed with ideas, dreams and simple curiosity about the world around me. It has been a sandbox where I could carry out experiments on my own life, see how I like to live and work, discover my strengths and weaknesses and still have time to work on it and improve. I really enjoyed trying out new ideas and methods how to work with people and children as I find it very useful in my future professional life. I think I wouldn't get such experience if I didn't do my EVS.

Having lived in 3 cities and travelling much I discovered how little I need to have a satisfactory life and adventures. I had almost everything I needed in my backpack which means: a computer, clothes, sleeping bag, cosmetics and some tools. It has been surely enough to have a successful life and to be mobile so that I could change the place of living immediately as it happened in Donetsk.

I've got only one suggestion to future potential EVS volunteers: to GO! and see how it is. I've already talked to a lot of people who took part in short-term or long-term youth projects and almost all of them enjoyed it much and didn't want to come back home. I've met even more people who hesitated, had some doubts or simply were afraid and they stayed at home. Nothing teaches as much as you in a new situation. And there are plenty of good people willing to help all around. It's also worth remembering that the more you give, the more you get. So if I had started my EVS once again I would have done even more and be even more active.

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