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Bicycle day in Chernivtsi

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Bicycle day in Chernivtsi

On May 30 in Chernivtsi once again was organized Bike Day. In the event took part over 300 cyclists who rode together from Soborna Square through several streets of the City of Chernivtsi. The end point of the journey was parking at the Depot Shopping Center. By the end of the event, bikers tried to set up with their vehicles the inscription "Чернівці".

About 9:30 on Soborna Square gathered all the people who wanted to take part in this great cycling holiday. The beginning of the event was scheduled at 10:00, when the column set off in the traditional route towards Heroiv Maidanu street, Prospect Nezhaleznosti, and further: Holovna, Komarova, Vorobkievicha, Pivdenno-Kilceva, and again Holovna, streets, till the parking of the Depot Shopping Center.

During the meeting took the floor the head of Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development, which was the organizer of the event, who was inviting all the bikers arriving on spot. In the meantime the host of the event, chairing the meeting, was warming up the people standing in front of the stage.

At 11:00 the participants built the letters that together made up the name of the city. Last year, in the same way, cyclists had formed a trident, and two years ago was beaten the record of Ukraine in creating the biggest living bike.

At 11:30 a contest was performed. The volunteers could take part in games and win T-shirts, wristbands, balloons and other gadgets sponsored by European Union.

It is worth noting that the event had been widely advertised among the residents of the city and the local media and gathered support from the City Council, where several days earlier, on May 27, was held a press conference in which participated city officials, cycling organizations and the organizers of the Bike Day.

The Saturday's meeting proceeded in a friendly, sporty atmosphere in fine weather, which after a few cooler, rainy days finally has improved and everyone could enjoy a real spring weekend in the open air.

On the next day was organized in Chernivtsi other event - Obnowa Festival. Therefore, Bicycle Day participants were invited to an other bike event, Obnova - drive, which was held on Sunday, May 31. During the ride cyclists, dressed in national costumes, were to cover the distance from Soborna Square to the place of the Obnova Festival - Museum of Architecture and Everyday life.


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