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Polish Cinema Evenings

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Polish Cinema Evenings - a series of weekly Friday meetings - were inaugurated on 10 April 2015 in Chernivtsi. The main goal of the event is to show the Ukrainian audience a few selected pictures of Polish cinema. At the end of each projection the organizers plan to hold a short discussion about presented film considering a broader political, cultural or military aspects of its background. This is to facilitate the audience understanding of the circumstances in which a film has been shot.

The first screening took place in the heart of the city, the cultural center of Paul Celan on Kobylianska street. The first to be shown was Operation Simoom (Operacja Samum). In the event took part participants of free Polish courses, who thus have had the opportunity to familiarize themselves a bit with Polish culture and at the same time hear the living, somewhat less formal Polish language, as well as others interested in this undertaking; since the meetings are freely open to all residents of the city.

Let's hope that the interest of the initiative among citizens of Chernivtsi will still keep on increasing.

Week of Austrian Cinema

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Week of Austrian Cinema

In four cities of Ukraine – Kiev, Chernivtsi, Kharkov and Odessa – is being organised in March and April the Week of Austrian Cinema, which for the fourth time already tends to present the most expressive and representative titles of the recent years. The festival organizers are Austrian Cultural Forum and Raiffeisen Bank.

In Chernivtsi the event started on 20th March in the local Centre of Culture and Art Literatur Cafe – well-known coffee house in the very heart of the city –  in cooperation with newly opened Honorary Consulate of Austria. The showing was held in a rather cosy atmosphere, gathering together a few to over a dozen people. All the takers could ask for a glass of wine, cup of coffee or even have a bite to eat on the spot.

The main goal of the event is to promote the contemporary Austrian cinematography in Ukraine by bringing some selected peculiar pictures closer to the citizens of the country. This year the organizers have planned to screen the following titles: Amour fou, Goodnight mommy (Ich seh, ich seh), Women are like that (Cosi fan tutte), Cracks in concrete (Risse im Beton). The viewers also have the possibility to see the best short films from Festival Ars Electronica 2014. The festival takes place every year in Linz in Austria and presents the art of contemporary visual technology. 

The selected pictures belong to different film genres, ie. romantic comedy, thriller, drama or opera. Particularly worth recommending is the film Women are like that – a modern interpretation of W. A. Mozart's opera Così fan tutte – which became a hit at the Salzburg Festival in 2011. The field of tension that comes out there between love and passion, faithfulness and betrayal, intensifies only the intricate intrigue aiming to prove women's infidelity. People fascinated with the German language and German literature should be pleased about the film portraying the tragic life and love of the German writer and poet of Weimar Classicism and Romanticism – Heinrich von Kleist.

An undoubted surprise to the audience in Chernivtsi was the projection of The White Ribbon (Das weiße Band) by Michael Hanekeis. The black and white drama film was awarded a plenty of times on numerous festivals, ie. Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film at European Film Awards or BBC Four World Cinema Award. It's said to be a moral painting of the Protestant society just before the outbreak of World War I, darkly depicting the hierarchy, authority, uncompromising obedience and violence that determine the relationships within a family and a village in northern Germany.

It's also worth to mention that from 15th to 26th April inhabitants of Kiev, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Lutsk, and Kharkov will have the possibility to participate in Days of Polish Cinema and acquaint themselves with some clear examples of the Polish contemporary cinematography. The event is to be organized for the tenth time already.


Life in Chernivtsi

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Summer ended long time ago, so did autumn and my EVS project seems to come to the end soon. I still remember the first moments in Ukraine, full of snow all over, cold weather and typical gloomy winter urban landscape. It seems I'll say goodbye to Ukraine in very similar time but with a bunch of new and unique experience. There is still some time left to summarize all what has happened for the last year hence I'll focus on the last months.

EVS: the utility of being useful

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Like everything extremely exciting in life, my activity as a volunteer in Ukraine is unfortunately coming to an end, so that it is time to take stock of the work done so far. Contrary to what you may think, I am not going to list all the activities, events, achievements, failures or surprises in which I have been involved so far. My stay in Ukraine was amazingly enjoyable and successful yet, but knowing the reasons for that wouldn’t be of much interest for anybody. In this respect, I would rather like to dispel some myths about EVS and its meaning, so that who is coming after me could be able to draw maximum benefits from its activity as a volunteer abroad. In this way I will have also the opportunity to explain exactly what I personally gained in terms of competences from such an experience.

Один місяць минув.

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Зараз я можу спокійно підсумувати свої 3 тижні в Донецьку.

Сталося!- я мала перше заняття у школі зі школярами. Я буду щира- це була для мене новинка. Нібито я знала де іду, але страх був великий: стільки дітей у одному місці, наше ідеї та сили, щоб їх зацікавити та підкорити собі натовп. Були дві групи: одна 70-особова, друга менша: 26-особова. Уф, що це був за день! Хоч я мушу сказати, позитивно мене заскочив :) Справді, страх має великі очі ;)

У наступному тижні ми починаємо вести курс польської мови, трошки охочих зібралося для нашої радості. Я чекаю на цей новий досвід з нетерпінням!

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