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Bicycle day in Chernivtsi

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Bicycle day in Chernivtsi

On May 30 in Chernivtsi once again was organized Bike Day. In the event took part over 300 cyclists who rode together from Soborna Square through several streets of the City of Chernivtsi. The end point of the journey was parking at the Depot Shopping Center. By the end of the event, bikers tried to set up with their vehicles the inscription "Чернівці".

About 9:30 on Soborna Square gathered all the people who wanted to take part in this great cycling holiday. The beginning of the event was scheduled at 10:00, when the column set off in the traditional route towards Heroiv Maidanu street, Prospect Nezhaleznosti, and further: Holovna, Komarova, Vorobkievicha, Pivdenno-Kilceva, and again Holovna, streets, till the parking of the Depot Shopping Center.

During the meeting took the floor the head of Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development, which was the organizer of the event, who was inviting all the bikers arriving on spot. In the meantime the host of the event, chairing the meeting, was warming up the people standing in front of the stage.

At 11:00 the participants built the letters that together made up the name of the city. Last year, in the same way, cyclists had formed a trident, and two years ago was beaten the record of Ukraine in creating the biggest living bike.

At 11:30 a contest was performed. The volunteers could take part in games and win T-shirts, wristbands, balloons and other gadgets sponsored by European Union.

It is worth noting that the event had been widely advertised among the residents of the city and the local media and gathered support from the City Council, where several days earlier, on May 27, was held a press conference in which participated city officials, cycling organizations and the organizers of the Bike Day.

The Saturday's meeting proceeded in a friendly, sporty atmosphere in fine weather, which after a few cooler, rainy days finally has improved and everyone could enjoy a real spring weekend in the open air.

On the next day was organized in Chernivtsi other event - Obnowa Festival. Therefore, Bicycle Day participants were invited to an other bike event, Obnova - drive, which was held on Sunday, May 31. During the ride cyclists, dressed in national costumes, were to cover the distance from Soborna Square to the place of the Obnova Festival - Museum of Architecture and Everyday life.


On-Arrival Training in Slavsko

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On 18-22 April in the village of Slavsko was held On-Arrival Training for EVS volunteers. The meeting was attended by a dozen volunteers from Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Italy and France, who currently reside in countries of the Eastern Partnership: Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova within the EVS program.

Slavsko is a picturesque tourist resort, which comes alive in high seasons. There you can walk in the mountains, ski, ride on quads and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Carpathian mountains. In winter when the ski season begins, local resorts are filled with tourists who come in crowds, even for a weekend, to take a breath in the fresh open air. On the street stalls one can buy original regional products, including handicrafts.

During the day, the participants took part in several activities held in the conference room, during which were taken and discussed various topics related to the EVS issues and cultural differences in different countries. There were discussed, among others, topics concerning the conflicts and challenges that arise during the mutual cooperation between volunteers, local communities and receiving organizations. During the stay, participants were allowed to use all the facilities of the guesthouse, including garden, billiards, sauna or restaurant. In the evenings, there was opportunity to spend free time together by the fireplace, share experiences and ideas with other volunteers. The only thing that failed indeed was the weather. It was mostly rainy and snowy, which for those who were already thinking about upcoming spring was quite a surprise.

The meeting ended a little earlier, on Tuesday in the evening, March 21, with a formal dinner and on the following day most of the participants left home just after breakfast. In the meantime the organizers where preparing the arrival of another group of volunteers who were expected on Thursday for Mid-term Meeting. In memory of volunteers will undoubtedly remain beautiful landscapes, the hospitality of the organizers and hotel staff, as well as new friendships which will possibly result in the creation of the travel group this summer.

Polish Cinema Evenings

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Polish Cinema Evenings - a series of weekly Friday meetings - were inaugurated on 10 April 2015 in Chernivtsi. The main goal of the event is to show the Ukrainian audience a few selected pictures of Polish cinema. At the end of each projection the organizers plan to hold a short discussion about presented film considering a broader political, cultural or military aspects of its background. This is to facilitate the audience understanding of the circumstances in which a film has been shot.

The first screening took place in the heart of the city, the cultural center of Paul Celan on Kobylianska street. The first to be shown was Operation Simoom (Operacja Samum). In the event took part participants of free Polish courses, who thus have had the opportunity to familiarize themselves a bit with Polish culture and at the same time hear the living, somewhat less formal Polish language, as well as others interested in this undertaking; since the meetings are freely open to all residents of the city.

Let's hope that the interest of the initiative among citizens of Chernivtsi will still keep on increasing.

Week of Austrian Cinema

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Week of Austrian Cinema

In four cities of Ukraine – Kiev, Chernivtsi, Kharkov and Odessa – is being organised in March and April the Week of Austrian Cinema, which for the fourth time already tends to present the most expressive and representative titles of the recent years. The festival organizers are Austrian Cultural Forum and Raiffeisen Bank.

In Chernivtsi the event started on 20th March in the local Centre of Culture and Art Literatur Cafe – well-known coffee house in the very heart of the city –  in cooperation with newly opened Honorary Consulate of Austria. The showing was held in a rather cosy atmosphere, gathering together a few to over a dozen people. All the takers could ask for a glass of wine, cup of coffee or even have a bite to eat on the spot.

The main goal of the event is to promote the contemporary Austrian cinematography in Ukraine by bringing some selected peculiar pictures closer to the citizens of the country. This year the organizers have planned to screen the following titles: Amour fou, Goodnight mommy (Ich seh, ich seh), Women are like that (Cosi fan tutte), Cracks in concrete (Risse im Beton). The viewers also have the possibility to see the best short films from Festival Ars Electronica 2014. The festival takes place every year in Linz in Austria and presents the art of contemporary visual technology. 

The selected pictures belong to different film genres, ie. romantic comedy, thriller, drama or opera. Particularly worth recommending is the film Women are like that – a modern interpretation of W. A. Mozart's opera Così fan tutte – which became a hit at the Salzburg Festival in 2011. The field of tension that comes out there between love and passion, faithfulness and betrayal, intensifies only the intricate intrigue aiming to prove women's infidelity. People fascinated with the German language and German literature should be pleased about the film portraying the tragic life and love of the German writer and poet of Weimar Classicism and Romanticism – Heinrich von Kleist.

An undoubted surprise to the audience in Chernivtsi was the projection of The White Ribbon (Das weiße Band) by Michael Hanekeis. The black and white drama film was awarded a plenty of times on numerous festivals, ie. Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film at European Film Awards or BBC Four World Cinema Award. It's said to be a moral painting of the Protestant society just before the outbreak of World War I, darkly depicting the hierarchy, authority, uncompromising obedience and violence that determine the relationships within a family and a village in northern Germany.

It's also worth to mention that from 15th to 26th April inhabitants of Kiev, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Lutsk, and Kharkov will have the possibility to participate in Days of Polish Cinema and acquaint themselves with some clear examples of the Polish contemporary cinematography. The event is to be organized for the tenth time already.


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