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EVS – a sandbox of real life

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In my opinion EVS has been all about the question if I want to do it consciously or I'm somehow still not sure but you eventually I go and punch it? I assume here that if you don't want to do it you don't take part in it. Yet, I met such people as well who participated in their projects because they didn't have better opportunities at that moment.

In my opinion the point of my EVS project lied in full motivation and devotion to the period of exactly one year which I've had. Since the very beginning I set up my own professional and personal aims and kept working on them. It has been a time which I'm evaluating on my own. I don't have to confess my mistakes and waste of time to anybody. In one word, it has taught me much more responsibility and respect to my own life.

Life in Chernivtsi

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Summer ended long time ago, so did autumn and my EVS project seems to come to the end soon. I still remember the first moments in Ukraine, full of snow all over, cold weather and typical gloomy winter urban landscape. It seems I'll say goodbye to Ukraine in very similar time but with a bunch of new and unique experience. There is still some time left to summarize all what has happened for the last year hence I'll focus on the last months.

Summer culinary work camps

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I couldn't wait more for this summer to begin, not only because of sunny weather and heat but also new kind of experience which I decided to take part in. My friends suggested me to participate in 2–week–long work camps which were going to take place in different parts of Ukraine. It seemed to be even more attractive thanks to interesting local festivals which the participants were supposed to help and organize.

September bike trips

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Bike trip in Chernivtsi One of my favourite events during European Mobility Week this year have been two bike trips in the city. The first one gathered around 12 people on Wednesday afternoon including me because I simply couldn't miss such chance to cycle. It involved the most interesting spots and architecture in the city centre. There were two people with us, Ihor and Maria telling a nice piece of history and interesting facts about the places we visited.

Arrival in Chernivtsi

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Declining summer pointed out that September has come along with a new academic year in Ukraine and many changes. The same happened in my life. We were asked to move to the west of Ukraine so me and my friends chose a picturesque city in the south-west to continue our EVS project.

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