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Our projects and Actions

Volunteer project "Active citizenship"

Funding: The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, acting under powers delegated by the European Commission

Implementation period: December 2013 – August 2015

Impact area: Donetsk-Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Volunteer project "Active Citizenship" aimed "to wake up" local citizens, especially young people, from indifference to social problems and intensify interest of Ukrainians in community life participation, involve them into charity activities, volunteering and encourage them to do good things..
6 volunteers from Poland and Italy are invited to participate in a long-term project in Ukraine. On the basis of the host organization NGO "Centre for European cooperation," they implement their own projects and work in the following areas:

Volunteers teach foreign languages to children, adolescents and youth, organize free trainings for self-development and personal growth, help teachers prepare and carry out extra-curricular classes on the topic of discrimination, gender equality, tolerance, cultural diversity and healthy lifestyle. Educational activities in schools include games, discussions, films and outdoor activities.

Mind games in the info space


Funding: The European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

Implementation period:: September – December 2014

Impact area: Ukraine

The main goal of the project: consolidation of youth from different regions of Ukraine and their education on human rights, non-violent conflict resolution and critical assessment of modern information space.

The idea of the project was born during the dramatic situation developing in Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine.

The project’s organizers claim that the main problem of modern Ukrainian society is the lack of education on questions like democracy and democratic processes, human rights, the lack of skills in conflict management and critical thinking. Today, Ukrainians face mass information war and many of them are unprepared to distinguish information from propaganda. Misinformation is the means by which social and political processes happening in Ukraine – often beneficial to oligarchies, external aggressors and other interested parties, not to average Ukrainians – are imposed to people. The fact that different media present events in very different ways plays a big role in a growing and perilous mood of dissatisfaction in society.

Living library

Without table of contents and sections. Inhabitants of Donetsk were proposed to read living books -all those who wished had a chance to talk with ex-prisoner, invalid or HIV-infected person.

At the hall of living library there are chairs instead of shelves and bookcases. Here books are speaking and laughing. Svetlana is an ex-drug addict and her readers were most of all excited by one question – can this addiction be compared to alcoholic or nicotine one?

Svetlana, ex-drug addict: - On very low percent as of course it differs. I`m not sure that I`ll demolish some stereotypes, but it`ll be more understandable that it`s totally needless, maybe I`ll be able to avert someone from it.

There are no table of contents and sections in the books – only living conversation. Several people can read one edition at once. Schoolboys Anatolij and Igor decided to have a talk with homosexual and entering the hall they found their hero only due to inscription as the boys imagined him in quite another way.

Educational action «Children’s rights - to the children»

On the first of June in the International day of children public organization «Center of European Cooperation» initiated educational activity «Children’s rights - to the children» for the students of the school № 45 in Donetsk.

This action was hold in the format of a quest with the purpose to give basic legal knowledge to the students of 5-8th classes and to attract attention of the adult population of the city to the problems of children’s rights violation. Taking part in the HRs quest, children did various tasks, such as rebuses, legal equations, quizzes, put together puzzles.

Students of senior forms took part in the action as volunteers and helped organizers on all stages of preparation and competition.

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