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Report on visiting training courses in York

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The aim of this report is to highlight the main idea of training courses which were devoted to capacity building in employability and entrepreneurship and were organized by social enterprise Wild Cherry. This organization desires to support its learners on both a national and transnational level to help them reach their goals and be the best that they can be.

The 1st day. Getting to know you.
First of all I should admit that the training courses were taken place at York International Youth Hostel in Clifton Green. It is located in the picturesque outskirt of York near the river Ouse. The training team consisted of Tsveti Zaharlieva from Bulgaria, Lorna Vance from Ireland (she is a volunteer) and Sue Dudill from England. 30 talented participants from different countries (Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Wales, England) took part in the courses.

That day brought us new friends, we tested our knowledge of useful phrasal verbs and idioms related to the topic. After tense day we departed to the city centre for official welcome by The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Julie Gunnell, the Sheriff of York, Councillor Brian Watson and their respective consorts. Our group had an afternoon tea at The Mansion House and following a short presentation by the Mayor, we were given a guided tour of this historical building.

The 2nd day. Communication barriers.
We got an extremely fascinating assignment which required particular knowledge of English. Moreover, it turned out very funny. The paper with provoking message was glued on the participants' forehead and we didn't know what was written there. Another person should have come and told or explained this phrase in other words. Sometimes persons' reaction was unexpected.

After this amusing section we had a campaign to The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall. Captain Stephen Upright took us on an informative guided tour of this establishment which has been supporting young entrepreneurs for over 600 years.

In the evening we had an unforgettable event – Intercultural Evening. There every group of participants introduced their own country, its by far the most significant things like general information about country, traditional cuisine, beverages, national dress. It was an absolutely exciting evening!

The 3rd day. Secret mission.
The medium of our fabulous courses led us to a very responsible task. All participants were divided on groups consisting of 6 persons. Every group got a particular task. The mission of my group was as follows:
- to look for Yorkshire museum and to make there a group photo;
- to ask 5 people at the streets of York about the reasons of unemployment in the UK, the way of fight with it and about state programmes for supporting young enterpreneurs;
- to look for the symbol which is associated with the UK.
I should mention that it was not so easy. Our group had put a great deal of effort into this task. And at last we coped with the assignment.

After hardworking day we got an opportunity to enjoy local sights.

The 4th day. Solutions day.
In the morning we reported about achievement of our missions. After that we had the USP Bazaar, where everybody should have offered 2 the most essential skills, exchanged them with others and explained how these skills can be used to help to develop a business in place of hard cash.
The whole day we created different projects and discussed how the stakeholders can be involved in international youth work.
The fourth day ended by going to the cozy restaurant “Ate o'clock” with sophisticated atmosphere, perfect service and absolutely delicious meal.

The 5th day. How it was for you.
A splendid ending of an extremely successful training courses. The Open Space session provided everyone with the final opportunity to summarize our knowledge obtained during weekly communication with organizers, participants. Our Secret Friends, who did small but very nice gifts each other for the whole week secretly, were revealed. It was such an amusing moment in our last day.

In my view it was by far the most unforgettable and exciting training courses in my life. I met a lot of creative people having their own business or organizing the similar courses. Taking part in such arrangement gives an opportunity to broaden our horizon, to make new friends, to know something useful, to adopt the best practices.
Therefore it would be advisable for everybody to attend such training courses.

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