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Звіт про відвідання курсів у м. Йорк

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The aim of this report is to highlight the main idea of training courses which were devoted to capacity building in employability and entrepreneurship and were organized by social enterprise Wild Cherry. This organization desires to support its learners on both a national and transnational level to help them reach their goals and be the best that they can be.

The 1st day. Getting to know you.
First of all I should admit that the training courses were taken place at York International Youth Hostel in Clifton Green. It is located in the picturesque outskirt of York near the river Ouse. The training team consisted of Tsveti Zaharlieva from Bulgaria, Lorna Vance from Ireland (she is a volunteer) and Sue Dudill from England. 30 talented participants from different countries (Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Wales, England) took part in the courses.

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