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Visit to Dublin

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It took me a while to make my decision to become a volunteer.
Living in another country has its own advantages and disadvantages: for instance, if you have a flying visit, you might not notice them, but when you are leaving your country for a whole year, it’s a completely different story.

So, is it worth it?
I arrived in Dublin in September. I still remember those feelings: to be stranded and having a lot of doubts. When I first entered the back doors of YMCA I never thought how it would change my life. First of all I could never dream of striking up a friendship with other volunteers so quickly. What else amazed me is how kind people are to you, to be honest this is what is still amazing to me. I was slightly worried meeting my group of kids. I thought about how much hassle I might have: that kids wouldn’t like me, that I wouldn’t be useful, that I wouldn’t gain any new knowledge or skills.
It took me a while to realize that my worries were a blessing in disguise.

What can I say, I got into it.
Now I enjoy every single minute spent in the Montessori class.
A few months later we had ‘on arrival’ training in Swords, I met more than 40 other volunteers there.
I had good craic and an opportunity to share my thoughts, experience that I gained while working in the crèche. On other good point about the training is that it showed me that I shouldn’t take my volunteering life for granted. It’s an unique experience and I should appreciate every day.

It’s Christmas time in Ireland. You can feel a festive mood everywhere, especially in the crèche.
Honestly, where else could you feel the magic of these holidays if not amongst these kids full of positive emotions. They remind me of myself, how I was waiting for presents on New Year and Christmas; that anticipation that I had already lost.

That’s why I would like to thank: city of Dublin YMCA and Center of European Cooperation (CEC), for giving me this opportunity to expand my skills and experience in this new world.
All I want to add is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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