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Could summer be without sea? Of course, not. So, the last project of the Centre of European Cooperation couldn’t be done without sea. This time, our NGO sent its members to fight the marginalization in faraway Malgrat de Mar, the magical city on the coast of Costa Brava (Spain). The project was organized by our partner organization "House of the Slavs" and supported by the EU program "Youth in Action".

From the 4th to the 14th of July, the Ukrainian group, composed by 7 people, together with young people from other European countries (Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Slovenia, Poland), studied the basics of project management in social sphere, developed projects and interacted with different cultures through intercultural evenings.

Katerina, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian group: "Our group had 2 leaders but we were responsible for different aspects of the trip. I was responsible for buying tickets, and Ksenia was in charge for obtaining the visas. Before the departure, the Spanish Embassy denied our visas, impeding our project, but in the end we managed to get them. Anyway, as soon as we got to Barcelona we forgot about past obstacles. From the first moment we felt that the Spanish are friendly people. They are very positive and smiling. We got to the venue of the training before it started, so we had the opportunity to visit interesting places such as the medieval city of Girona and Figueres, where Salvador Dali was born. Our Ukrainian team was very cohesive, and if we were given free time, we tried not to waste it. During the project, our group participated in all the activities: we developed projects, taught Europeans traditional Ukrainian dances, treated them to our national food and taught Ukrainian language. We found many similarities between us and other Slavic participants made many new friends. I suppose we gained respect positively representing our organization and Ukraine as a whole. "

Anna, one of the participants to the project: “It was the first time I took part in such projects, and, in fact, there were no disadvantages. The general impression is difficult to explain: at first you think you’re alone and there is no-one willing to even talk to you or support you, but after a while you start to appreciate your team and soon you don’t want to let your new friends go. Among the representatives of other countries, you meet loads of new, extraordinary people and you share your interests with them, which is awesome and exciting at the same time! All this makes you understand that despite our world is really big, you can always find out how to become closer to other people, understand their problems and different way of life. The educational part of the project, which aim was to raise the level of conscience among young people about marginalization, was pretty good. The innumerable workshops combined with heated discussions had a great success. I bet all the participants loved it! In conclusion, I would like to point out that thanks to the friendly organizers and cohesion among teams, all of us changed in some way. Our attitude towards the world in general has become more responsible and sensible. Certainly, we have a lot more to learn, but this experience will influence our future in a positive way. Thank you all for the opportunity to feel it!”

Finally, we would like to note: join the Center of European cooperation team and explore new countries and cultures with us!

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