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Don’t judge the book by its cover!

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We invite you to try out a new form of communication called "Living Library." This

library works in the same way as a normal one, but the "books" are people, and "readers" - the guests. You choose a book, you are interested in from the catalogue, and "read" it, breaking your established stereotypes.

You will be able to "read" the following books: a Foster mother of many children, a Volunteer-foreigner, a Disabled person, an Ex-Prisoner, an Ex- Drug Abuser, a HIV-positive, a Gay person, a Lesbian, a Black person .

How does the Living Library work?

- Living Library will be held in the premises of Donetsk City Youth Center from 12.00 to 14.00

- You must register as a reader and get a reader card

- You choose a book,you would like to read, from the catalogue

- If the book is in English

- Living Library will provide you with a Living Dictionary

- If a book, you would like to read, is already taken by another reader, you can choose another or wait

- You will have 15 minutes to "read" a book you have chosen

What are the rules of the Living Library?

- Only the registered readers, who know and follow the library rules, may take a book

- You can take only one book at a time

- The book can be read by two friends or by a family

- The book can be taken for 15 minutes. Readers can extend the reading time up to 15 more minutes, coordinating it with the librarian

- Do not cause any harm to the book. The reader is responsible for the condition of the book

- The reader should be aware that the book may stop the conversation if he or she feels that the reader treats him/ her inappropriately.

Admission is free.

Venue: Donetsk City Youth Center, b.Shevchenko 54

Date and Time: June 1, from 12.00 to 14.00

Contact telephones: 050 200 33 89,050 654 56 21

The project initiator NGO "Center of European Cooperation» with the support of the European Union program "Youth in Action", Donetsk State University of Management and Donetsk Charity Club "Svitanok".

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