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Find opportunities in volunteering!

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«I'm looking for a job. No, I'm not interested in volunteering, it's a loss of time». There were many students yesterday in the job fair at the Donetsk State University of Management, all looking for work opportunities. We didn't offer work opportunities, but just opportunities.


It's always difficult to explain how volunteering can be important in personal growth and how it can allow to youngsters to acquire new skills and abilities that can be also useful in job searching. Indeed, employers usually appreciate applicants who are flexible, communicative, who can work in a multicultural environment, know foreign language and have confidence in themselves. Many of these are things that you can't learn at school or at university.


In the job fair, we promoted EVS volunteering. EVS is a programme by the European Commission that allow you to join a voluntary project in another European country from 3 to 12 months. EVS can improve your adaptability to new contexts, your language and communication skills and confidence in yourself. All things that you and your future employer will surely appreciate. And all almost for free. Is this a loss of time?

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