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Let's read books and know each other!

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The training course "Let's read books and know each other" took place in Istanbul (Turkey) in October, from the 10th to the 18th. The event was organized within the framework of the EU program "Youth in Action" in partnership with the NGO "Centre for European cooperation."

The project was attended by representatives of civil society organizations of seven countries: Turkey, Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. The main purpose of the training course was to make participants realize the importance of reading and to promote understanding and tolerance among people of different cultures.

Julia, a participant of the project, stated: "As a member of the project I want to say that the organization of the event was held at the highest level. Informative training participants contributed to the development of social and personal skills such as active practice of foreign languages, ability to work in a team. Detailed information on program "Youth in Action" were provided. Tours, visit to City Hall, schools, universities, libraries allowed us to explore the city, its culture and history. I sincerely thank the organizers of the project for providing us the opportunity to communicate with people from different countries, which undoubtedly contributes to our personal cultural development".

Oksana, another participant of the project, said: "Turkey. I believe that each of us used to associate this country with vacations, hotel, all inclusive holidays. Thanks to this training, I had the opportunity to see Turkey from another point of view. I discovered its traditional, mystical side. Sivas is a small town hidden among the mountains that preserves its true beauty from the tourist business. There you can find majestic mosques, ancient streets, friendly people and incredibly sweet baklava. Through this project, I not only had the opportunity to discover the beauty of the mountains, immerse my feet in a mountain river, to see the huge Kanhalskyh dogs, but also to learn more about literature in Turkey, Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. We had the chance to see how students learn, to see pupils of high school attending drawing classes and to feel ourselves student during these classes. We also discussed with local poets. During the project we had a meeting with the Mayor of Sivas that gave us a warm welcome. This is not my first project, and definitely one of the best. "

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