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Training Course “Poverty is not your Destiny”

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Training Course “Poverty is not your Destiny” took place in Mersin, Turkey.( 7 -14 of August 2012). This event was organized by the Turkish organization “Social Development and Education” in partnership with Ukrainian NGO “Center of European cooperation” in frames of the EU Program “Youth in Action”

During one boiling hot week participants from 12 European and Mediterranean countries had an opportunity to discuss Human Rights (H.R.), Social Exclusion and Inequality in order to reflect on these problems from the point of H.R. All the participants of the project worked hard to produce creative solutions and make an effort to actualize them.

As a participant of this project I learned a lot and gained new skills and experiences on the topic, because during the training course we had a lot of non-formal education, interactive activities and group work.

The main aspect of the training course was that every day we were divided into different groups, that gave us an opportunity to learn more about poverty and H.R. in each country.

We also had reflection groups, so that we could share our opinions and impressions of the day. Friendly inclusive atmosphere helped me to make a lot of new friends.

All in all the training course was interesting, informative and involving.
Oksana Ryzhykh,
Volunteer of the “Center of European cooperation”


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