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Youth exchange: Improve yourself - by little steps achieve your dream!

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In September this year, a youth exchange took place in Poronin, Poland. The participants of the project were Polish and Ukrainian teenagers aged 16-18 from all parts of Poland and Ukraine who gathered in a picturesque mountain town in order to get acquainted and exchange cultural and life experiences, learn how to collaborate in an intercultural environment and gain such life skills as planning, time management, leadership and activism.

This is how the descrive their experience after he project:

I was one of those lucky people who came to Poland. It was a great opportunity to get acquainted with polish teenagers and to grow skills of communicating on English with them. Our Ukrainian group had been there for 5 days and these five days were extremely impressive for me. Polish people welcomed us with all their warmth. We were completing a number of interesting missions and challenges, visited Zakopane mountains, saw a beautiful waterfall. We were never get bored, just tired after some surprise parties. Then we arrived to thermal springs, where we enjoyed vacation. We went on water slides that was fantastic. We were never been hungry, main course was delicious and desserts amazing.

I am very grateful to have such awesome experience. I want to thank all organisators of this project. I will never forget our journey and definitely take part in another one.

Month ago me and my friends went to Poland. Our journey started from Lviv and next destination was Poland. We lived at cozy villa in a small quiet town called Poronin. There were wide forests and high mountains around us. We met polish participants and became friends with them.

On the third day of our journey we were in Zakopane. During our excursion we visited interactive museum, saw waterfall and walked around the city. Two days later we bathed in thermal springs.

The last day of our traveling was in Krakow. We went shopping and walked there. All in all, I improved my English by communicating with foreigners. So I had a great time in Poland with my new friends.

I went to the Poland to take part in the youth exchange and it was a wonderful experience. Our group had useful lessons how to improve ourself, climbed to the mountains and much more. We communicated with Polish guys and improved our English. I’m grateful for this trip!

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