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The first “Time4Tea” (T4T) meetingin Donetsk

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The first “T4T” meeting was held in the premises of the English school “Exam+”, Donetsk on the 2nd of December 2017.

7 pro-active young people joined the interesting, funny and informative project which allows them to engage with a creative process which will draw out many skills, such as teamwork, team building, using initiative, communication and listening.

After watching a short video about Satish Kumar: “Pilgrimage for peace” they discussed such ideas as division and diversity, reactivenessand pro-activeness. As a “new born” team theywere speculating and designing “bright and dark” pictures of the future of our world. Then, supporting each other they made brief presentations and expressed their points of view.

At home they will reflect on what things make them special and diverse and next time we will learn what makes the participants proud of themselves and how important is to appreciate the things that make others special.

More about “T4T”:
Many young people feel isolated and feel their voice isn’t heard. “T4T” empowers youth to focus on issues that affect them and then present these issues to someone who will listen.“T4T” is an opportunity for young boys and girls to speak to important people making decisions in school, institute, city or country, and for the leaders it is an opportunity to have a cup of tea and to hear a voice of young generation.

The project idea was born thanks to a peace activist Satish Kumar, who walked 10,000 km 50 years ago to deliver tea packs to world leaders with a proposal to stop wars on the planet. When busy people drink tea, they stop for a moment and think.

So, what would you like them to think about when they drink tea?

Let's discuss it together. Join us in the group and come to the next meeting on Saturday, 9th December.

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