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The whole Europe met in Recoaro Terme

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The whole Europe met in Recoaro Terme
A small Italian town of Recoaro Terme was hosting a very interesting group of guests in June. People from as many as 12 European countries came to attend the HumanitYouth project, which was organized by an Italian organization Studio Progetto and designed to provide cultural exchange experience and education in the field of multiculturalism. The overall aim of the training course is to fight against xenophobia and arising racism towards immigrants, to change the negative feelings regarding to migration into positive approach based on understanding of the backgrounds of immigrants and the political and cultural based roots of fears and ignorance of the societies.

Our country was represented by two volunteers from our organization The Centre of European Cooperation.

The “treminar“, which is the term used by its organizers, combines training sessions with seminars which were taking place at the premises of a nice and cozy Hotel Trettenero in the heart of breathtaking mountain area that was hosting more than 25 project participants who came from Armenia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, Albania, Hungary and even Azerbaijan.

The participants were supposed to arrive at Recoaro on Friday, however, a national train strike which was taking place in Italy that day caused a lot of problems and adventures. However, the next day the guest list was completed with people arriving in the morning.

Lots of challenges were faced by the participants whose abilities and opinions were tested. They managed to make a group song and dance within 45 minutes along with other challenging tasks on the first day even without knowing each other’s names. One of the most exciting activities was the street action with the aim to attract the attention of local people to problems of refugees. What our participants also enjoyed was making social advertisements bearing in mind the target group- refugees. The way the trainers made participants analyze the Declaration of Human Rights was unusual and memorable. During the meeting with refugees who managed to stay alive the participants were shocked by their life stories and the fact that the Mediterranean sea is a big graveyard. More than 3000 people were drowned only last year in the attempt to reach Europe.

But the most touching moment was the last night when the refugees from Syria invited for a charity dinner 150 local people and the participants of the project. We were surrounded by candles, elaborative handmade menus and unbelievably delicious Syrian food. But there was also another part of the project which was as important as the educational part and that is to enjoy themselves and make new friendships which would last after the project was over.

All of the participants were willing to give their best to the group and, of course, to enjoy spending their time there making friends throughout the whole Europe. It was an amazing experience for everyone involved.

The participants visited the treminar are eager to implement all received knowledge to improve the situation concerning refugees and internally displaced people in their own countries.

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