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Youth Peace Camp 2017 in Strasbourg

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Youth Peace Camp 2017 in Strasbourg
Volunteer Myroslav. Member of the public organization Center for European Cooperation participated in the Youth Peace Camp 2017, Strasbourg, France. The Youth Peace Camp was organized by the European Youth Foundation and aimed at bringing together young people from all over the world to learn how to engage in dialogue and resolve conflicts only in a peaceful way.

After this project Myroslav left the sea of impressions and emotions. Here's how he describes them: «It was unforgettable experience, which I have ever had. I did not expect that camp could be such a friendly and peaceful place. All participants were living there as a huge perfect family. All different, all equal. The non-formal education, which has provided there, is one of the most comfortable for students, and I tested it by myself. On the first day, when I came there, I put all my luggage and staff in my room and came to the first briefing, where facilitators and trainers were describing all camp’s aims and objectives. On the second day, we were doing some interesting teambuilding and trust tasks, which made our team spirit much stronger. All days after that we had an uncountable quantity of amazing and truly fascinating tasks, where our camaraderie became stronger and stronger. We felt as a real family: “one for all and all for one”. We had many guests like ambassador from Cyprus, deputy secretary general in the Council of Europe, director of political affairs in the Council of Europe and many others. I leant a lot useful information about conflicts, how avoid and deal with them. What about accommodation, they were comfortable. Catering was in a very high level: all dishes were really tasty. Outdoor activity were exciting. The band from Cyprus, which made one of our evening, was perfect. One of the main activity was dialog day, where participants from different sides of conflict were sitting together sharing and speaking about their life experience and problems, which coursed conflict in their regions. It was one of the hardest days of this camp, but after that, everyone felt relief in his or her soul. In the end of the camp, it was hard for everyone to separate, because we had a feeling that we were one altogether.»

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