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Volunteer project in sunny Italy

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From 28.11.2016 till 22.11.2017, in Lecce, Italian organization L'Arcobaleno, in cooperation with SO “Centre of European collaboration”, carries out the project on Erasimus+ program, European Volunteer Service. 3 volunteers from different countries are invited, including volunteers from Ukraine.

Roman from Dnepr, the volunteer of our organization, negotiates her/his talents in cultural center RINA DURANTE. The main idea of this center is the popularization of cultural social life, youth politics and possibilities of education among local community.

The cultural center is located in two-storied building, there are its library, information room, educational center with multimedia, café-bar, work studio, exhibition and conference halls, garden. With workers’ support of the Center the regular arrangements for local residents are conducted: art studios for children, the courses of foreign languages, educational courses, presentations of books, cultural arrangements, and creative works in the library. Tourist arrangements, development of bicycle motion are planned to be realized with the help of volunteers next year.

The volunteer’s duties include:
- Organization of arrangements for children
- Development and working out of PR materials, photo and video for mass media.
- Realization of public arrangements, aimed at popularization and advancement of ERASMUS + Program EC and EVS among Italian teenagers, etc.

EVS or European Volunteer Service is the opportunity to work abroad on voluntary basis (without getting payment) during 12 months. The volunteer departs to one of country of European Union to work in private nonprofit organization, learning through the practice and requiring experiment at the same time. Each separate EVS project traces a line round the place of volunteer, taking non-governmental organization and definite list of assignments, which volunteer carries out.

Voluntariat or EVS project is financed within the limits European Union “Erasmus+” Program. In the context of project your dwelling and nutrition, local journeys, which are connected to your work, 90% of international journeys (from home to the place of voluntaries and back), and pocket money as well are financed.

EVS projects are very different. It is possible to be occupied with children, look after senior citizens or disabled, you may work in organization, which develops cultural arrangements, protects the environment or spreads information about EC. There are lots of opportunities. In total, the function of EVS may be realized in various spheres: culture, youth, sport, public assistance, cultural inheritance, art, surroundings, development of teamwork, etc. Risky interference in critical post-crisis situations (humanitarian help, immediate help after accidents, etc.) is not covered by projects.

It’s better to define, what exactly interests you, and then look for corresponding categories in the base of given projects. The base of given projects of EVS may be found on the webpage On this webpage there is the description of projects – information about receiving organization, which is interested to employ the volunteer, and assignments which are expected to be done by the volunteer as well.

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