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In Search of Lost Universalism

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The Second International Forum «In Search of Lost Universalism» took place on October 17 - 18, 2016 in Berlin. Once again the Association of Schools of Political Studies under the Council of Europe brought together politicians, businessmen, educators, NGO leaders, scientists, journalists for an in-depth discussion of the role of the civic element in reviving the spirit of 1946 — 1950. The universalist legal consciousness cultured in those years was reflected in the foundational international documents: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Charter of the Council of Europe, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights. Today political propaganda has swollen to dangerous volumes, and the accumulated disagreements erupt in unabated violence. Now is the historical moment to mobilize the humanitarian civil element in Europe.

The Forum was inaugurated by the Founders of the Moscow School of Civic Enlightenment Elena Nemirovskaya and Yurii Senokosov, President of the Association of Schools of Political Studies and General Secretary of the Council of Europe (1989 - 1994) Catherine Lalumière.

The Forum was open for expert discussion of the current challenges before democracy — the problems of corruption, migration, nationalism, matters of historical memory, freedom and security, the dichotomy of war and peace. Now, as the EU lives through difficult times, and the gulf between it and Russia widens, the Forum has a unique possibility to both bring together the civil societies of the West and those of the East, and act as a medium for civic dialogue across Europe.

Separately, please pay attention to the text of Yuri Petrovich Syenokosova, which defined the entire theme and specifics of the Forum. Attached you will find a file with text in English and Russian.

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