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Places which you have to see before leaving Chernivtsi

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Places which you have to see before leaving Chernivtsi

I think that the most common problem of every EVS volunteer is poor time management. It's a shame when you should leave the city, and there is still a few positions on your list of places worth to see.

What do You should to do if You want to avoid this problem?

  1. Make a list :) It seems to be easy, but exactly You have to put some effort into preparation a good one. First – research! You have to collect the information what it's worth to see at the beginning. These places should be at the top of the list. When you will not have enough time to see everything you want, you will see what is most important.

  2. Create a GoogleCalendar! This is a simple way to be able to plan even your whole stay. You organize compulsory activities and will be able to easily plan all additional things. And what is the best – You can check your daily/monthly plan in every place where you have access to the Internet, inform your friends and share the information.

Good luck! :)

    What I recommend?

  • Museum of Art in Chernivtsi
  • cup of hot chocolate in restaurant “Lviv chocolate”

  • Orthodox Mass in the pink Basilica

  • Chernivtsi National University

  • the view from the Tower of the City Hall in Chernivtsi

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