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From the University to the ...Kindergarten :)

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From the University to the ...Kindergarten :)  

I am a teacher. During my education I was learned how to help people to discover and learn new things, how to do it faster and more effectively. I know which methods I should use to show and highlight the most important information and what is necessary if I want to prepare the lesson in original and interesting way. I know and I can use this information, but in work with adults!

Before my coming here, I didn't know exactly anything about teaching little kids! First thought – “for sure it shouldn't be so difficult”, but during preparation I realized, that I should put more effort to create something interesting. So before my first English lesson I was a bit stressed out, I watched the movies and clips on the Internet with songs for children. It was really funny, when I tried to learn the lyrics, I played songs all the time– I think my flatmates know all of these songs very well and can sing with me :)

What I think about teaching children?

I think it's a great experience for everyone who is perfectionist, who forgot about spontaneity. If You have problems with taking new things, if You're disappointed that your creativity or skill to learning isn't as good as You expected, You should start work with kids! They can teach You how to get more and more new information and how to have fun all the time during this process. For children everything is so easy, and when You trust them, they can learn so fast and give You back joy and a smile.


If we could be so cordial and smiling like a children for sure our daily tasks would be easier and for sure more pleasant.

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