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First week in Chernivtsi: Seen and shot.

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Since coming to Ukraine I have basically the same general goals as almost all volunteers: to improve my language skills, learn a new language, gain valuable work experience, challenge myself, discover new places, find new friends and to generally change my outlook on life. And after first 3 weeks of my stay here I can definitely say - I am going to the right direction. 



I would describe my first week in Chernivtsi as some kind of "adaptation week". It means my schedule was quite flexible, not full of tasks yet, so I had plenty of free time to know the city better. Or at least try to discover the city with one of my best friends - my camera. :)

Luckily, my mentor Denis came across as a perfect tour guide! During the first days we took a walk around my district, he provided me with all usefull information about the city, where to go, where to buy the best food, where to find some nice places to visit and all that things you just have to know to find yourself in a new place of living. 

To be honest, my district is definitely NOT one of the prettiest places in Chernivtsi, the area is full of grey blocks and small shops, that's it,  but that was just the beginning of my sighteeing. 


The other days we took some longer walks around the city, Denis and his wife showed me all interesting places in the city and also told about them like professional tour guides. :) I have been also at the Chernivtsi National University with Bohdan, who is going soon to Poland for a long-term EVS project. 

So yes, basically I have been (almost) everywhere during my first week, even out of the city to spend lazy day by the lake. But well, still I am not able to find words good enough to describe the city, so I hope these few photos below will do a better job than words. 




Ми в соцмережах