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Why EVS? Why in Ukraine?

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I consider myself as a life enthusiast. It may sound cliche, I know, but I really think that life is too short and our world is too big to spend all these years living the same boring life, working for just one company and living in the same place. But hey, don't get me wrong! If you are one of those people - there is also nothing wrong in it. But as we all need air and water to survive - I need to constanly challenge myself to feel that I'm still alive. But ok,  let's go further. :)
For the first time I have heard about EVS a few years ago when I met a German girl who was doing her EVS project in Poland. I didn't really like her tasks to be honest (as she was doing everyday the same stuff in the kindergarten) but the idea of such kind of activities seemed to be pretty cool. I started to read about it more and looking for some useful information but then I was too busy with my studies and other things so I completely forgot about everything.
These thoughts came back again a few years later when I graduated from my University. I was checking databases for some projects and actually I even sent one application and... I got in! But well, life is full of surprises, my plans have changed and I ended up doing an internship (and later working) in Berlin.
After one year of working and living in the capital of Germany I decided to make a break. That was the right time to change something and gain some new interesting experience. I was finally ready and absolutely up for the challenge.
I was not sure for what exactly I am looking for - except two things:
1. definitely something that relates to my interests and... 
2. definitely I want to go to Ukraine. 
So my "no plan" became "a plan".  
First step: EVS database. Keyword: Ukraine. I have found a project which seemed to be interesting to me and I just sent my application. Skype interview, more details about the project and my decision: I'm going
To be honest my parents were a bit sceptical at first. The same as some of my friends with their attitude: "Oh come on girl, do you really want to leave such an amazing city of Berlin? For what? For Ukraine? Be serious". But luckily only some of them. :) My parents and close friends (even though they were a bit sceptical about that idea) were not surprised. Actually not at all. Because they know me and they know how much I enjoyed my every trip to Ukraine. Love at first sight, I would say. :) 
So yes, it wasn't my first trip to Ukraine. I have been here a few times before, so my choice about the place wasn't accidental and I am convinced that I made a good decision. 
So what about Chernivtsi? As I said before - I have been in Ukraine a few times before but never in Chernivtsi, so I was even more excited.
Usually I prefer spontaneous trips with my backpack but this time it was just a long and boring journey from my wild west of Poland to Chernivtsi. It took me more than 24h (by train through Poland and by bus through Ukraine) so when I already came to the city I was tired as hell. 
I left the bus. Tetiana (local coordinator), Denis (mentor), Jula (his wife) and Bogdan (local) picked me up from the station to my new flat. I knew that I will be sharing the flat with 2 other volunteers from Poland, but I came first and actually I spent the whole first week alone. 
The organisation of the project is based in Donetsk, but because of the situation in Ukraine - we (volunteers) are living in Chernivtsi what means also cooperation with local NGO organisation. And localization of the agency is just perfect - on one of the most popular and lovely street in Chernivtsi - Kobylianska Street - full of colorful tenement houses and lovely cafes. "I am pretty sure I gotta like this place" - that was my first thought. 
The first meeting at the office came across as a meeting with very nice and friendly people, for example Tetiana (local coordinator mentioned before). She provided me with all information about EVS, the project, organisation, the city and many, many more.
So...let's start the adventure! 
More impressions (and photos) soon. Stay tuned. :) 

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