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Life in Chernivtsi

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Summer ended long time ago, so did autumn and my EVS project seems to come to the end soon. I still remember the first moments in Ukraine, full of snow all over, cold weather and typical gloomy winter urban landscape. It seems I'll say goodbye to Ukraine in very similar time but with a bunch of new and unique experience. There is still some time left to summarize all what has happened for the last year hence I'll focus on the last months.

English speaking club

The most important were weekly events which became my routine quite fast. Every Monday started with two lessons of Polish language at the university. Mostly students used to come or... they didn't show up. Yet it wasn't pointless to go there because later my stomach was rumbling what meant it was high time to have lunch in the canteen. My quick calculations indicated that sometimes it didn't even pay off to cook at home, including the time spent on it. Next two more lessons of Polish language started at 17:00 in the library. Much more people attended and it always brought me a lot of fun teaching spoken expressions or phrases you can't find in the dictionary easily. What's more it has been my début as a teacher and I believe I did it better than I expected. Besides it surprised me quite much how many people attended the lessons and kept coming almost every time. It gave me much motivation to carry on.

English speaking club has been another weekly event which made my stay in Chervnivtsi far better. Every meeting gathered around 15–25 people twice a week who wanted to practice English and discuss different topics or simply meet and play some games all together. From my point of view it was also a great chance to experiment with methods of non–formal education. We all became a group of friends quite fast so we started to go out more often and do more things together. English speaking club follows the idea of Couchsurfers' meetings so from time to time travellers tend to appear.

Besides there has been another language course created quite unexpectedly. I met a group of people who wanted to learn Spanish so we organized weekly lessons to learn Spanish culture and language too. That has been a greater challenge for me as it's not my native language and I spend quite much time preparing classes. Because of that it has double profit as I'm learning and refreshing information too.

The only one activity which didn't work out were classes in English for pupils of one school. Although I made a personal announcement in 10 classes, not many children used to come and I couldn't create a stable group. It might be that it was too late for them or any other reason I couldn't figure out.

That's the most time-consuming activities I've been organizing. No wonder that it all let me settle down in the local society and feel as a person who has lived here for a long time.

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