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Mind gamers of the information space

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Participants of the project in Kyiv. Family photo. 22 Mind Gamers from all over Ukraine were debating on human rights, conflict resolution and critical thinking in the heart of Ukraine from 17th till 23rd of November. The event was the main part of the long-term project "Mind games in the infospace" supported by the EYF with the aim at raising participants’ awareness and competences about mechanisms to protect human rights, to enhance their critical thinking and conflict management skills, train them how to put theory into practice in everyday life.

The training course brought together people aged 18-35, interested and educated in active citizenship topics in order to offer new insights and give a chance to share their knowledge and to learn from the experiences of others. The training was intended to those who want and are not afraid to improve the HRs situation in Ukraine starting from their families, communities and then act on the national level with other like-minded people, spread information, share ideas, implement initiatives and encourage citizens to be involved.

Young activists started their activities in September from the blog where they posted articles concerning topical situations in their communities and regions. The blog is a perfect tool for sharing best practices, project ideas and networking. From the beginning the young bloggers got to know each other distantly but during the TC they had finally a chance to meet, share experience and ideas, continue their cooperation.

The TC will not summarize the project work, it is only a start for development of future projects and organization of study visits of participants to each other with the aim of cultural and information exchange, breaking stereotypes, widen the horizons.

    Also during the event the participants developed several important projects which still need a lot of work to be done:
  • 1. Development of Critical Thinking
  • 2. Choice – it’s easy
  • 3. Legal protection - national control
  • 4. Eko-Art

The venue, fittingly to the theme, was Kiev, Ukraine, where precisely on 21st of November last year Euromajdan began. As a result of subsequent events, annexation of the Crimea, the crisis in the east of the country, Ukrainian society is not only exposed to the risk of military conflict, but also the information war. Dealing with the current situation is a challenge both for the authorities, as well as for every Ukrainian. In turn participants, young "gamers of the information space" have all chances to become a catalyst for changes for the better.

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