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Being active is trendy

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Being active is a new tendency and we can easily notice that by checking a couple of new advertisements, that appeal to our activeness. We don’t want to be passive so in the morning we drink strong coffee and in the evening we turn on the light to stay active longer than the Sun is shining. Sometimes we also help ourselves with energy drinks to be more productive, when energy is running away. Active lifestyle is equally trendy. We climb, cycle, go to the gyms and swimming pools, we run the marathons and then post pictures in sportswear on facebook and vkontakte. We don’t wish to be out of this trendy active community.


How does it refer to our social life and public sphere? We have come to believe that being active is reserved only for special ones – to people with certain ideas and a wish to change the world. But these days it is changing. We start to notice how important each of the members of community is. There are more and more people in Europe, Ukraine and namely, Chernivtsi who actively take part in designing current life conditions and future of the society. Such citizens do not want to stay old-fashioned guys, who only care about their family circle. They understand how crucial it is to plant trees, to use green transport instead of cars, to preserve traditional culture or to organize free-time activities for youngsters.

The truth is, active citizenship is not in a special place, where somebody decides for the whole world how it is going to look like. It is not connected with popularity of social activists. Active citizenship cannot be built by one person. Active citizenship is a passion of local people who have a dream to live in a better society. As long as each of citizens has own vision how to make a change for “the better” – “the bettermay vary strongly, depending on the person. Nevertheless, all the spontaneous acts of involvement are a manifestation of an active citizenship.

An active citizen is not necessarily a “good citizenin the sense that they follow the rules or behave in a certain way. An active citizen may challenge the rules that are not satisfying. However, there is a general set of values and dispositions that can be associated with active democratic citizenship including respect for justice, democracy and the rule of law, openness, tolerance, courage to defend a point of view and a willingness to listen to, work with and stand up for others. Active citizens are those who develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to make informed decisions about their communities and workplaces with the aim of improving the quality of life in these.            

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