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September bike trips

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Bike trip in Chernivtsi One of my favourite events during European Mobility Week this year have been two bike trips in the city. The first one gathered around 12 people on Wednesday afternoon including me because I simply couldn't miss such chance to cycle. It involved the most interesting spots and architecture in the city centre. There were two people with us, Ihor and Maria telling a nice piece of history and interesting facts about the places we visited. We set off from the Armenian church which is now a concert hall with beautiful organs, good atmosphere and dimmed light, perfect to listen to concerts of classical music. Later we climbed up to Kobylyanskoi street – large pedestrian area in the city where we saw Polish and German houses. Next we went to the Heart of Jesus Catholic Church and learnt about other buildings in the surrounding like Ukrainian gymnasium. Then we headed to Soborna square – the main square in the centre of the city and moved down the road to Teatralna square where we were told something about Jewish national house and opera house where most of the nationalities who lived here had their performances in the past. Later we headed to Philharmonic square to listen about multicultural use of the concert hall and couple of other gossips in the city. Another stop was in front of the Holy Cross church which was under construction for more than 30 years whereas a similar church was built in 3 nearby. Bike trip in ChernivtsiBesides we saw the first building made of bricks in Chernivtsi, memorial of 600 years of the city and Jewish school behind. We made the last stop at Turkish square passing by an old theatre. All of us have finished the trip, nobody was injured nor got felt asleep. You can check out photos as a proof of that fact. Personally I liked the trip much as I was able to understand enough in Ukrainian and now I know the city much better which means I'll get lost less often.

Bike trip in Chernivtsi

Bike trip in ChernivtsiThe second trip gathered only 4 people on Thursday afternoon but at least gender balance was satisfied, according to the recommendations of UE. The weather didn't let us down so we could set out and try to reach 4 points in different parts of the city to look for a nice observation points and take photos there. All of them were placed at some hills hence some effort had to be made to climb up there, sometimes even by gravel roads. We made the first stop at Shukhevicha street where we found a nice observation point between densely packed houses where we took couple of photos of the centre of the city. Later we came back to the down town discovering another nice spot but we all agreed it would be much better to go up the 10 floor building which has been constructed recently there. Then we surrendered at the half of the long, steep slope and got off the bikes to walk towards the university. There should be some ruins of a Polish castle nearby according to the map but nobody knew anything about it so we didn't make it to find it. Next two spots were around Chernivtsi National University but once again we found it hard to find some space between buildings or dense trees. A few meters later we had a pit stop to charge the batteries eating ice-scream and drinking something and we moved on. We crossed the railway and decided to see the river which turned out to be one of the most beautiful landscapes which we have seen that day. Running out of energy we continued our trip to the last and most demanding point – to Dekabristiv street which didn't let us relax but instead of that we faced another steep slopes. Yet it was worth to get there around sunset as it has been the most beautiful observation point. It was placed on a hill which looked like a cliff what let us see the centre of Chernivtsi spreading in the horizon quite closely. In the end it didn't take us long to come back to the office happy and still alive. Once again I was really glad to cycle for 2–3 hours, make around 20 km and see new places. You can check our itinerary here:

Bike trip in Chernivtsi

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