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Arrival in Chernivtsi

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Declining summer pointed out that September has come along with a new academic year in Ukraine and many changes. The same happened in my life. We were asked to move to the west of Ukraine so me and my friends chose a picturesque city in the south-west to continue our EVS project.

It is placed in an interesting Bukovina region famous of its historical multicultural society where even illiterate people could speak a few languages. We started to work in a new organization – Bukovinian Agency for Regional Developement but we still continue the same EVS project, just adapted to new conditions. BARD deals with education through sport and outdoor activities, popularizing public transport and developing bike system what I liked much as I am really keen on bikes. I have spent the first couple of days here on settling down, organizing new life and making new friends. I am positively surprised by the architecture, especially amazing university complex, large number of students who I can see everywhere and many smaller things. The fact that Chernivtsi is not that big city is in its favour. It is possible to walk in the city without using any public transport what I do quite often taking advantage of the beautiful weather here now.

Central square in Chernivtsi

We have already started working on European Mobility Week – a pan-European event which rises awareness about alternatives to car use and promotes sustainable transport. I am going to take part in bike trips, document everything and organize a workshop for women how to fix a bike. Besides I am going to continue organizing Polish speaking club for students, English speaking club for pupils in a local school and most likely more such meetings to practice foreign languages with local people. Moreover we met another volunteers who work in a organization which tries to help refugees from the east. We will try to organize some activities for them too. The list of tasks is much longer, especially when I think about my personal stuff so in short it is not possible to get bored here. Who even wanted?

Kobylianska street

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