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Mind games in the info space

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Donetsk NGO Centre of European Cooperation launches the project "Mind Games in the info space" funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. The project starts in September and will last four months.

The project idea

Gathering together young people who want and are not afraid to improve the HRs situation in Ukraine starting from their families, communities and then act on the national level with other like-minded people, spread information, share ideas and knowledge, implement initiatives and encourage citizens to be involved.

The main core of the project is to carry out the all-Ukrainian training for youth, with the aim of raising their awareness and competences about mechanisms to protect human rights, to enhance their critical thinking and conflict management skills. The training course aims both: at providing them with knowledge and skills on how to put theory into practice in everyday life.

The project will be the first path to the establishment of the peaceful future. We all need to know why it is important to ask questions, analyze and sort information, respect HRs, resolve conflicts. Having faced the horror of the civil war, the real thread to be killed for the right to freedom of thought, being deprived of civil rights and possibilty to vote, we want to influence the situation and with help of other activists "to make waves". The project will provoke changes in participants’ heads - they will become able to compare different narrations of reality and influence the people who surround them with their observations, to draw objective conclusions from events and to teach their peers to analyze and think before reaching hasty and superficial conclusions.

    The main project’s parts are:
  1. Training course on the issues of critical thinking skills: how to distinguish information from propaganda? how to spread proper information? On conflict management: why conflicts emerge in societies? what are the best techniques to solve them? On human rights protection: what are the instruments provided by Ukrainian law to protect human rights? how to ensure their proper implementation by authorities?
  2. Organization of study visits of participants to each other with the aim of cultural and information exchange, breaking stereotypes, widen the horizons.
  3. Creation of the blog: the project participants will be encouraged to manage the blog on human rights, based on the organisation’s web-site There they will post articles concerning topical situations in their community/region. Аctivists from other parts of the country will comment this acticles. By doing so, through the blog, activists will be able to share ideas with peers from other regions. Receiving comments from people from outside their communities, who might not share their view on the issue, they will put in practice the critical thinking and conflict management skills that the training will provide them with. This will be also a good opportunity for young activists to share best practices, project ideas and networking.
  4. During the training, participants will be encouraged to develop and present mini-projects designed to suit the needs of their communities.

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