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Training on non-verbal communication

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Center of European Cooperation specializes in the field of education, law and international development. One of main activities run by CEC is organizating trainings of personal and professional development. Izabela Kwiatkowska – a volunteer from Poland, working in Donetsk for CEC – conducted a training on non-verbal communication, which took place on 25th of March 2014.

Training of non-verbal communication, table meeting.Participants gathered in the office of CEC in Lenin‘sky Avenue at 10.30 to discover something new about process of communication and get familiar with new tools. Short presentation enabled participants to understand main elements of dialogue and then interactions between interlocutors were discussed with participants. Moreover, trainer provided the opportunity to analyze speeches of public figures, for example politicians. Who attended the event had also a chance to ask questions – in order to reach personal goals, thanks to non-verbal communication and body language. The workshop was held in the a positive atmosphere conducive to networking and discussion. This practice was surely useful for the whole group.

Training of non-verbal communication, table meeting.

Training of non-verbal communication, table meeting and working with computer.

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