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BUZOVA 50° 24' 59.000" N 30° 2' 30.000" E

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Nocturne and pathetic impressions from a village near Kiev

16.02.2014 – In the sign of Dionysus

After an exhausting travel in a third class train – the so called Plackarta – we finally reached Buzova, an enchanting resort not far from Kiev and now I am going to write some short impressions and ideas about my experience. Well, the resort is undoubtedly enchanting, even if I would say that the sun here seems to never shine, even during the summertime. Nevertheless cold places have always fascinated me, providing my imaginative mind with exotic and romantic suggestions. Maybe this is why I feel so comfortable here!
We arrived to Kiev at 7 a.m and we succeded in visiting for a couple of hours some touristic attractions of the city. Then, at 11 a.m. we moved towards Buzova, the little village in which we are going to spend some days for the on-arrival training for EVS volunteers. After lunch, me, Paweł and Thiago, an Italian volunteer from Kharkov, came across a traditional Ukrainian wedding and, strangely enough, we took part in it as unexpected guests. The experience turned out to be very interesting and at times even comics, so that we decided to film it. After that, we went to the first meeting of the training, in which I could meet the other volunteers and share my recent experiences with some of them. The activities at the training seem to be very usefull for both my personal and professional development, so I would like to do my best to absorb any single word and moment that could help me to enrich myself.
Now, I’m very tired and it is time to go sleep! I am here laying on my bed, feeling such a sweet impression, that these remarkable days and experiences will remain impressed in my mind forever and ever.

18.02.2014 – I come out to the path…

I have just come back from a very pleasant jaunt to the nearest store food. It is night, the sky is very clear and walking on the path towards the store made me simply euphoric. On the street, crossing a little forest, I was able to number every single star in the sky. During the last two days we worked very hard and the impression that this place made on me on my arrival seems to strenghten more and more. Good night world, good night universe!

20.02.2014 – You were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge…

I am again on a third class train coming back to Donetsk. I am leaving Kiev, but I cannot leave the sadness that I have been feeling for at least two days. While I am here sitting in my safe and dirty plackarta a lot of people are dying in Maidan Nezaleshnosti. And even if I try to rise my mood up, the atmosphere of concern that I experienced at Buzova is following me to Donetsk. Nevertheless I also feel very calm and relaxed, because I am pretty sure that I am coming back to Donetsk with a luggage of enriching experiences and funny stories to tell to my family and friends. The training was very usefull and the remarkable people that I could meet at Buzova provided me with a great amount of enthusiasm and motivation for my future activities as a volunteer at the Center of European Cooperation in Donetsk.

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