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My first impression about Ukraine

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From the point of view of a Polish volunteer I didn't expect to notice great differences or culture shock when I arrived in Donetsk. So it happend. The city surprised me at first its scale and wide area it occupies and so called Manhattan metric in the centre – where intersecting streets form right angle.

I gKyiv – On Arrival Trainingot astonished by the way how Marshrutkas operate because mostly I didn't wait more than a few moments to catch one. What more there is an excellent website which allows to check the routes and has a search engine. No way to get lost in the city. Personally I use also maps and GPS in my mobile phone to find myself in a new place so let's be honest, I get lost even more often trying to get a shortcut everytime it's possible.

The only thing that confuses me is the same depressing weather which I suffered from in Poland. No sun, no snow, no rain, no idea how to call it. At least 1 kg of kasha which I simply adore costs as much as a bottle of beer.

Taking part in On-Arrival Training has been one of the best ways to start EVS. It provided me all the necessary information that I was concerned about, including financial matters, medical insurance, my responsibilities and chances to achieve my annual goals.

Kyiv – On Arrival Training

Actually this is why I'm here, to fulfill the promise I made to myself that I'll reach my aims like learning Russian, how to play a guitar and above all, how to share my experience and knowledge with all the people around who would like to share it too. I can feel it right now it will be amazing time, full of different types of learning, gaining new information, shaping attitudes, believes and general outlook for life. That's why I really wonder how my life will look like in one year! What I'm sure of is that I'll take the most of my EVS, of every moment of it!

On Arrival Training, the last supper

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